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Some treatments are not recommended for guests who have certain conditions. For your safety we require a doctor’s clearance before beginning treatment, particularly on the face for the following conditions:

• Cancer
• Cardiovascular conditions, including high or low blood pressure
• Swollen or painful lymph nodes
• Undiagnosed skin rash or thrombosis
• New injury of any kind
• Any Cold, Flu Symptoms or Illness of any kind
• Eye infections of any kind
• Open sores / Cold sores / Fever blisters of any kind
• Arthritis (osteo- or rheumatoid)
• Diabetes
• Blood Disorder and Disease

If you’ve had Botox or Dermal fillers (any injectables), chemical peels, cosmetic treatments with laser or ultrasound, we require at least 2 weeks before any facial treatment can be performed.

Do not wear any contacts to your facial appointments.

Clients must wait 6 months after completion of isotretinoin therapy before facial treatments.

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