Lash Treatment Appointments

  • Please arrive with CLEAN EYES AND LASH LINE – free of eye makeup and mascara. If your lashes and/or lash line need cleansing when you arrive for your appointment, you will be charged for the additional time to properly cleanse your eyes.

  • Do not wear any contacts to your lash appointment.

  • Depending on the individual growth cycle of each of your lashes, your natural eyelashes have a shed cycle of every 60-90 days as new ones grow in. We recommend getting a fill every two to three weeks to fill in lashes on the new growth.

  • Skin sensitivities and allergies are extremely rare and your safety and care are of my utmost concern. We use the highest quality products and the most up-to-date techniques and sanitation protocols in the industry. However OOLAN is not liable for reaction due to our products. If you are concerned, we recommend a patch test at least 48-hours before your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE (for Lash Extensions): If you have made an appointment for a 2-week or 3-week FILL but will actually require more than the alotted time, I will only be able to accommodate your requested treatment time slot or we will need to reschedule unless I have no immediate client scheduled after you. If this is the case, then I will be able to complete the appropriate lash treatment. At that time I will change your selected Fill Appointment and you will be charged for the correct treatment performed.


If you have LESS THAN 50% of extensions remaining at the time of your FILL appointment, then you will be charged for a full set or if there is not enough time to do a full set, then we will have to reschedule you to an appropriate time slot.