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Are eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes?

Every so often I come across someone who is very interested in getting eyelash extensions but are scared to try because she/he was told some horror story that someone else heard about.

The truth is ... Yes ... as with everything you do, you should always be careful.

Make sure the person you go to has your best interest in mind. If it is your first-time getting lashes ... never schedule before getting a patch test and consultation to make sure that you are able to get extensions.

The biggest myth is that eyelash extensions ruin your own natural lashes. That is a definite myth! If applied and taken care of correctly, they are completely safe and will not ruin your natural lashes.

Getting eyelash extensions can also take some time -- and yes, sometimes it can take several hours. There are so many factors to consider with the amount of time it takes to apply extensions with care ... including the look you want, are your natural lashes straight, curly ...very curly, are they healthy and strong, are they full or sparse, are you able to stay still during application, do your eyes twitch or flutter alot, do you have dry eyes or do you tear alot ... etc. With so many factors to consider, at OOLAN Studio, your well-being and proper application will always come before "speed" of application because we want to help you to properly achieve the beautiful lashes you desire.

Taking proper care of eyelash extensions is very important! Everyone ... you must wash your eyes and your lashes! Over the years, I have seen so many new clients who were afraid, didn't know, or weren't told that they need to wash their eyes and lashes. OOLAN Studio Lash Bath is amazing for keeping your lashes clean without stinging or irritating your eyes. If you are afraid to clean them yourself, come in and book me for a Total Lash Cleanse. It is refreshing and relaxing and will help keep your eyelashes looking beautiful and healthy.

Ultimately, proper application and following aftercare instructions will be the ticket to wearing beautiful eyelash extensions and maintaining the health of your own natural lashes.


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