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SPMU Eyeliner Styles

There are 4 basic semi-permanent eyeliner styles that you can opt for:

Eyelash enhancement

This is a very subtle version of the SPMU eyeliner treatment and my absolute favorite! This style does not give the look of a SPMU eyeliner, but rather makes your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker. What a treat for those who don't wear much makeup but have sparse lashes and those who want a very natural full lash look that really makes your eyes appear naturally bolder. A great option for all, especially those with hooded eyes! AND ... it's also the style most male clients go for!

Thin eyeliner (crisp or hazy)

Even a thin line can make your eyes pop, and this is the best alternative for all clients who don’t like to wear thick eyeliners. This is a good option for many because it allows building up the eyeliner and making it thicker with regular makeup, while still having that thin eyeliner line in the morning when you wake up. Also a great option for all, especially those with hooded eyes!

Classic, medium-thickness eyeliner  (crisp or hazy)

This option is the best for women who wear makeup every day and want a look that’s somewhere between natural and bold. Great for those with a more visible upper eyelid or deep-set eyes.

Thick: crisp or smokey eyeliner

This one may not be for everyone. It’s a good option for clients who wear a significant amount of makeup on a daily basis. It’s usually done with a smokey effect. If you want to opt for a thick SPMU eyeliner, you need to be ready to commit to a daily bold makeup look. Also best suited for those with a more visible upper eyelid or deep-set eyes.

Optionally, the wing can be added.

What Color Should I Choose for My Eyeliner?

You will have the option of choosing the color of your SPMU eyeliner.

Even though most people usually apply pitch-black eyeliner most often, a better option is deep shades of brown or combinations of black with brown, that’s what most clients go for. Black SPMU pigments can fade into an unattractive blue/grayish shade, while browns are more stable.

For those who really want it, we also offer more diverse color options, such as green, blue, and violet, but you need to bear in mind that you’ll have to stick to the color that you choose for a couple of years. Are you sure that you want to have colorful eyeliner every day for the next 1-3 years?

Blonde clients who have light skin most often go for subtle brownish shades.

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