Waxing Treatments for Gals and Guys

What makes the wax I use STAND OUT? It is a low-temperature wax and contains only three natural ingredients! This makes for a non-sticky wax that leaves no residue on the skin. It also makes the wax extremely pliable. The Key ingredients are actually the lack of ingredients!

Experience less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and leave with smooth soft skin!

Waxing ADD-On's

No-Scream Cream Please

Applied for client’s comfort approximately 25-30 minutes prior to waxing treatment.

This is an amazing add-on especially for Brazilian Waxing or clients who cannot tolerate waxing pain.

Peachy Clean Ingrown Hair Treatment

An amazing 3-step process to maintain healthy and hydrated skin by treating ingrown hairs, remove dead skin cells, smooth bumps around the bikini line, prevent acne, and help with hyperpigmentation.

Homecare product trio is included to continue receiving the benefits of this treatment at home.

Peachy Fresh Steam Bath

Soothing and detoxifying. Removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around the bikini line, prevents acne, and helps with hyperpigmentation. A wonderful monthly treatment!

After Waxing Hair Retarding Treatment

After waxing … I use an active enzyme gel specially developed for all skin types to help remove unwanted hair growth. The enzyme contains a natural fruit enzyme papain, which has the ability to gently dissolve keratin (protein constituent of hair), stabilized in an anhydrous gel.  I will send you home with the enzyme gel to continue using for the next 36-hours.


This treatment is continued monthly until hair has visibly diminished.

Intimate Waxing Calming Treatment

This is done immediately after waxing to soothe and reduce redness. Includes cleansing, extractions, mask, and moisturizing.